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Hello, we are Bryan and Peggy Martin, owners of AZ Doxies. We live in Crystal River, FL. Bryan has owned dachshunds all of his life and when Peggy and Bryan moved out to the country the goal was to have as many wieners as possible. Dachshunds are such wonderful, loving dogs and we love them as pets more than anything. We believe in finding suitable homes for our pups to make sure they go on to live wonderful lives .

AZ Doxies
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Extremely hard working, caring folks.
Response from the owner: Thank you Paige. We appreciate your help and advice. You are really here for the breed. Royalworth Dachshunds in Inverness, Florida is the cream of the crop of dachshund breeders in the US.
Got my Doxie from AZ Doxies & she is the absolute best! I highly recommend these breeders, they are knowledgable and have high quality bloodlines
Response from the owner: Thank you Ashley. We hope you guys and Lola are doing well. Keep in touch.
My experience with AZ Doxies has been phenomenal! Bryan and Peggy have an abundance of knowledge related to the dachshund breed. They took the time to explain their breeding process and the ancestry behind their dogs prior to me even putting down money. They exceeded all of my wishes in a breeder and I am so happy I chose to adopt not only one, but two doxies from them! I highly recommend AZ Doxies if you are interested in a dachshund! Could not imagine life without Willow and Archer!
Response from the owner: Thank you Brielle! We can see how spoiled Archie and Willow are. We are glad they found a loving home. Please keep in touch.
I’ve got to see first hand how these pups are raised and oh my was I impressed. These dogs are a treated with the best of care and have acres to roam and play during the day. Awesome environment you have there.
Response from the owner: Thank you Aaron. We appreciate the kind words.
I have one of there puppies. Her name is Daisy May. She is from there first litter of pups. They are amazing breeders. Very nice people to deal with. Thank you so much for the most wonderful little girl. We love her so much
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words Jean. We are glad Daisy has such caring humans.

All doxies that Bryan and Peggy breed with are acquired from reputable sources. All doxies live with the Martin’s in their home. Bryan and Peggy enjoy the variety of the dachshund breed. They do not show dogs, just love them.

If you are interested in providing a quality home for a doxie puppy, AZ Doxies is a good choice.

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